Bed Bug Treatment Preparation List

Aprehend is an innovative and eco-friendly solution for combating bed bug infestations, offering a pet and family safe alternative. This natural biopesticide is derived from a carefully selected fungal strain that targets and eliminates bed bugs without harming humans or animals. Due to its professional-grade formulation, Aprehend is exclusively administered by licensed pest control experts, ensuring a high level of efficacy and safety during treatment. Preparing your home for Aprehend treatment is a crucial step towards ensuring its effectiveness. Here’s how you can ready your living space for this treatment:

Basic Preparation Guidelines

  • Clothing Management: Begin by gathering all garments from the floor and those draped over furniture. Launder these items using the highest temperature setting possible, followed by a drying cycle on high heat for at least 40 minutes. Once cleaned and dried, store your clothing in large, sealed garbage bags until the treatment process is complete.
  • Dressers and Closets: It's generally unnecessary to empty dressers or closets of clean clothes or other items unless you have noticed a significant bed bug presence. You can leave decorative items and other non-clothing articles where they are.
  • Bedding Care: Strip all beds in your home of their linens, including sheets, pillowcases, mattress covers, and any additional bedding materials. Wash these items in the hottest water setting followed by a high-heat drying cycle for a minimum duration of 40 minutes. This step is crucial to avoid reintroducing bed bugs to your freshly treated environment.
  • Specialty Beds: If you have cabin beds or beds with integrated storage, remove all contents for laundering under the same hot water and high-heat drying conditions mentioned previously. Seal the laundered items in large bags until the treatment is fully executed.
  • Declutter: Reducing clutter not only tidies up your space but also eliminates potential hiding spots for bed bugs. Inspect personal items for any signs of infestation as you tidy up.
  • Room Preparation: Adjust furniture placements to ensure there is clear access to the room's perimeter, particularly the baseboards. This aids the pest control professionals in their work.
  • Baseboard Cleaning: Thoroughly vacuum along the baseboards to remove dust and debris. Immediately after, securely dispose of the vacuum bag or canister contents in a sealed plastic bag and place it in an exterior trash receptacle.
  • Pet Care: Pets should be kept away from treated areas for at least four hours post-treatment. This includes covering fish tanks and cages for small animals to prevent exposure to Aprehend.

Following these preparatory steps not only facilitates a smoother treatment process but also significantly enhances the efficacy of Aprehend in eliminating bed bugs from your home.

Additional Important Guidelines

Re-Entry Protocol for USA Residents: It is crucial to avoid re-entering any areas that have been treated with Aprehend for at least 4 hours following the service completion. This ensures your safety and the effectiveness of the treatment.

Post-Treatment Precautions: Under no circumstances should you apply any pesticides or cleaning agents within the treated zones after the application of Aprehend. Such actions can neutralize the biopesticide, leading to a failure in controlling the bed bug infestation.

Further Notes for Consideration

Treatment Efficacy and Maintenance: Patience is key when awaiting the results of the Aprehend treatment. It is important not to disturb or clean away the spray barriers established by the pest control professionals. These barriers are often placed out of sight but may be more visible near baseboards or electrical outlets, especially if these were areas of suspected infestation. A 2-inch barrier may be noticeable under certain lighting. These should be left intact to ensure the longevity and success of the treatment, as they remain active for up to three months if undisturbed. However, they can be cleaned away with standard kitchen or bathroom cleaners once you are confident the infestation has been fully eradicated.

Observing Results: Seeing live bed bugs 2-3 weeks post-treatment is not uncommon and is actually indicative of the treatment’s effectiveness. These bugs may appear disoriented or in unexpected places due to the impact of Aprehend. Bed bugs might not immediately emerge from their hiding spots post-treatment, and newly hatched nymphs will only be affected upon contacting the treated barriers. Rest assured, all bed bugs will perish within 3-7 days of exposure to the treatment. Should you continue to notice live bed bugs 30 days after the treatment, it is advised to contact your pest control professional for further assistance.