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Pest Control in Chico

Your home may seem impenetrable, and yet you can still have a pest problem. That’s because pests enter through tiny entry points, like a crack in the foundation or hole in the window screen. Once one finds its way inside, it’s only a matter of time before you have a full-blown pest infestation. Luckily, our pest control in Chico is here to help!

Our exterminators will protect your home from:

  • Ants
  • Spiders
  • Scorpions
  • Earwigs
  • Wasps
  • Fleas
  • Silverfish
  • Crickets
  • Roaches
  • Beetles
  • Centipedes
  • Millipedes
  • Rodents
  • Flying insects
  • And more!


Same-Day Services So You Don’t Have to Wait

Once you discover pests, you want them gone as soon as possible. We get it, which is why we offer same-day pest control in Chico. We also offer next-day and emergency services, so you’ll always have help when you need it.

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Custom Treatments for Reliable Results

Store-bought sprays and traps might seem like a good idea, but they won’t get rid of pests. In fact, they can actually make things worse! Instead of trying to eliminate pests on your own, trust our exterminators in Chico. We use products that are both safe and effective to give you long-term results.

Our pest control services include:

  • An in-depth phone call and inspection to understand your situation and expectations.
  • Custom treatment based on our conversations and inspection findings.
  • Exterior treatments to create a barrier against pests and prevent them from entering.
  • Removal of spiderwebs and wasp nests.
  • Monthly, bi-monthly, or one-time services depending on your needs.

Save $50 on pest control

Effective Pest Control for Your Home

You want to keep your home free of pests, but you don't want to use harsh chemicals or put your family at risk. Our pest control services can help. We treat the exterior of your home on a regular basis, using safe methods that will keep pests away. If you request it, we can also treat the interior of your home for pests. We cover a wide range of California pests. Our pest control methods are safe for your family and will keep your home free of pests.

Bird and Bat Exclusion in Chico

Sharing your home with wildlife is bad news. Birds easily transmit diseases like bird flu or Psittacosis and also put your family at risk for bodily harm. The best way to prevent an infestation is to be proactive, which is precisely what our exclusion services do. We seal off entry points before pests find and use them, saving you money and time.

When you choose our bird and bat exclusion in Chico, we will:

  • Inspect your property, mainly where birds and bats often make their nests.
  • Tailor our approach based on your home’s layout and any concerns you have.
  • Perform exclusion repairs to seal off doors, crawl spaces, and other gaps from pests.
  • Protect your family from contact with potentially dangerous animals.

What Are Exclusion Services?

Exclusion services are when we help you keep pests out of your home by making repairs to the structure of your home. This can include fixing cracks in the foundation, sealing gaps around doors and windows, and repairing damaged screens. We will also remove anything that might attract pests to your home, such as standing water or wood piles. By making these repairs and removing attractions, we can help you keep pests out of your home for good.

Rodent Control in Chico

You might have rodents if you hear scratching, squeaking, or scurrying from your attic or basement. While in your home, rats and mice can spread germs, contaminate food, and even cause damage to electrical wires. In order to deal with rodents safely and efficiently, it’s best to partner with a professional rodent control company. Take back your home with the help of Woods, the expert rodent removal company. At Woods, our experts have 70+ years of experience dealing with rodent infestations in Chico. 

Here’s what to expect with our rodent control services in Chico: 

  • A free inspection from our rodent exterminators. 
  • Family-friendly options for rodent trapping. 
  • Same-day and Saturday services for quick rodent removal. 
  • Rodent exclusion, to keep them from coming back. 

We Also Offer Rodent Exclusion Services

Whether you’re trying to keep rats and mice from coming back or from entering your home in the first place, Woods has you covered. As a rat exclusion company with decades of service, our exterminators have trained in the best methods of keeping rodents out of your home. From fixing cracks in your walls and foundations to repairing damaged windows and doors, we help your home keep out rats and mice long-term. Our exterminators will also remove anything that may attract these pests to your home, such as stagnant water or rotting wood. 

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They did the job and stood by their 30 day warranty.

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Professional and thorough

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Love the staff so far! I have alot in common it seems, and the management maintain a positive work environment

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