Cockroach Treatment Preparation List

Sanitation is a major factor in controlling roaches. The following cleanup list is a must and needs to be completed before treatment is done. Cleanup can’t be done after treatment as the needed sanitation procedures will remove or render inactive the products used in controlling roaches. 

Thank you for your help. If the following list cannot be completed before the service date and time please call us to reschedule, 530-229-0458.


  • A clean kitchen is of utmost importance. Clean floors, range, and hood along with countertops. Clean the dishwasher inside and out. Cleaning behind the refrigerator, stove, trash cans is very important.
  • Cupboards need to have all items removed. Please include the removal of all items under the sink, drawers, and pantry. A thorough cleaning of cupboard draws, the pantry is a must.  Items removed from cupboards draws and panty may be placed on the kitchen table covered with a sheet.
  • Bathroom cabinets and under sink need to have all items removed and cleaning should be done in the same manner as the kitchen.
  • All trash containers need to be cleaned and trash removed.
  • Vacuum all carpets and mop all floors
  • Pests and aquariums need attention too.  Pets must be removed and aquariums must be covered or removed (the air pump should be shut off).
  • Pet toys and pet food dishes must be removed or covered.

Follow up:

  • Do not re-enter the premise for at least 4 hours. Talk with your Doctor if you have medical issues and are concerned about re-entry time.
  • Upon arriving back home, open windows and doors and ventilate thoroughly. 
  • Clean (with soap and water) all exposed eating surfaces
  • Sanitation is essential. Keep all food and garbage from accumulating allowing roaches feed to feed and hide.
  • Roaches may be seen for several days after the treatment.  With severe roach infestations, control is not always timely.
  • Re-treating may be necessary within 30 days. An extensive clean-out may not be necessary for follow-up treatments.
  • If you have questions please give us a call.